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The weekend

The weekend

A few hours left before the long weekend is over. How time passes so swiftly, too swiftly.

Just a few days ago I found myself in the glad company of old friends. We laughed and reacquainted ourselves to the soothing presence of our friendship. Memories were recalled. Good news was shared. New stories were formed.

Just a few hours ago I enjoyed time with the family. No joy can be as exquisite as to be around your old folks and siblings. Hearty, home cooked meals were served. Conversations littered lunch. Work-related anxieties were temporarily forgotten. The warmth of living spaces was restored. Immeasurable happiness was shared. And I was once again reminded of the reasons I make sacrifices in life.

Just yesterday I met with my best friend. Long time no see as they say. We ate our hearts out at our favourite local eatery, waded through the nostalgia of our changing yet still pleasant neighbourhood, and pointed out with glee and fear the startling commerce seeping in our community. Still, jokes were made. Advices were given. Plans laid out for future excursions with the hope many things will stay the same.

Just this morning I found the time to read. Months of chaos and disarray found many of my books neglected. What gladness it brings to open a new book, and smell its crisp pages. Nothing will be as good as the printed word. No matter how hard the digital versions try, they will never suffice, or satisfy as well as paper. Technology will bother but my loyalty will remain to the medium which affords a dog ear flap on the corner when I don’t have a bookmark in tow.

If there is one power I lust for, it must be the power to make time stop, or to manipulate its relativity, so that the kindness of a moment will last longer. The weekdays can be so unkind to the mind, body, and spirit. What slaves we become for work, what slaves we are without it too. Balancing work and life seems impossible. Just the idea of it is elusive.

We live in an age where we’re always in a hurry but we’re also always late, trapped in self-imposed busyness, and pulled in and out of spheres we never quite understand. Nothing ever stays in its place long enough. Everyone wants to be someplace else, possessed by misguided wanderlust, driven by societal pressures.

Technology too has invaded our lives. We’re always connected to some invisible place, invested to some unexplainable matter, and in the process, have been disconnected from the tangible living spaces of the earth, and detached from the things which truly matter. It’s a shame the improvements offered by modernity has also led to confusions.

How can a long weekend end so soon? Just when you find yourself on an even-keel, a storm looms in the horizon once more, threatening your anchors. The holy days for the saints and the souls have come and gone, just like the people we observe such days for. Tomorrow, we’re back in our battle gears, facing a crowd of hungover revellers, or an impossibly congested highway packed with vehicles carrying the provinces’ urban diaspora. How was their weekend? Will they recall it with much sentiment, or will they simply let it pass them by as we’ve been accustomed to?