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One of my favourite designs, visually speaking, is the Good Fucking Design Advice project. It’s popular for their visual statements/copies with the word “fucking” (if it wasn’t implied enough from their name), as well as a number of F-inspired merchandise. I like how the emphasis on the word heightens the message they try to deliver. The F-word is so often used and abused but in the case of GFDA, it’s that extra push to motivate a person. So if you need fucking advice, check out their page and the photos below.

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And perhaps to cap off this post, a quote.

If an alien was looking down on us and inspecting our language, they would see that the worst thing we do on this planet is we torture, we kill, we abuse, we harm people, we’re cruel. And those are the things of which we should be ashamed. Amongst the best things we do is we breed children, we raise them, and we make love to each other, we adore each other, we are affectionate and fond of each other. Those are the good things we do. And they would say how odd that the language for the awful things is used casually all the time. “Oh, the traffic was agony, it was hell, it was cruel.” “Oh it was torture waiting in line.” Say, “he’s used words like torture. That’s the worst word.” And yet, if we use the f-word, which is the word for generating our species, for showing physical affection one to another, then we’re taken off air and accused of being wicked and irresponsible and a bad influence to children. Now, we’re part of this culture so we often don’t question it. But if you think of someone from outside it, it is very strange.”

— Stephen Fry