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The preconceived notion of pop music is that it is vapid, shallow, and insignificant. While this is quite certainly a tenet of the popular movement – easy to digest music translates to easier sales – every now and then, a gem of a song steps out of the shadow of obscurity to present not merely music and image to sell, but a philosophy.

Marina and the Diamond’s I Am Not A Robot is one those tracks. The Welsh singer’s eclectic indie-pop and new wave music offers a textural refinement on otherwise disposable pop tunes (yes, I’m looking at you Lady Gaga), owning lyrics which can be serve to critique with satire, cheekiness, and every now and then, kitsch. While the original version of Robot is danceable in its own right, it’s the Starsmith 24 Carat 2k10 Remix which succeeds in revelation.

The Starsmith remix’s progression allows the song to further amplify its lyrical innuendos, without stripping away the track’s musicality. You can dance to it. You can sing to it. And you can mean it.

You’ve been acting awful tough lately
Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately
But inside, you’re just a little baby
It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot
You don’t always have to be on top
Better to be hated than loved, loved, love for what you’re not

I Am Not A Robot is a commentary on modern day pretensions. Peer pressure, social media envy, and yes social climbing – these things have become a plague. Avril Lavigne’s Complicated managed to deliver frustrations towards an individual’s polarize affectations, but Marina’s Robots is a caustic albeit poetic reminder that no one is perfect, and you don’t need to be. You’re a not a robot. You’re certainly not an auto-pilot. There is no reason for you buttress defenses to be liked. Do you. Do humanity.

You’ve been hanging with the unloved kids
Who you never really liked and you never trusted
But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins
Never committing to anything
You don’t pick up the phone when it ring, ring, rings
Don’t be so pathetic, just open up and sing