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It never fails to amaze me how something as simple, as common, and as ubiquitous as music can be so life-altering. Well, the depth of the impression, the size of the dent, maybe an entirely different matter (including its measurement), but it’s always a thrill to be moved by music.

There are simply feelings which cannot be rendered through words (alone) or any other form of tangible manifestation, except through sound and its combination with poetry whether profound or plebeian; and other creative mediums – performance, videos, artwork etc.

Over the last few days, I’ve been immersing myself with Casa Del Mirto’s songs, more specifically the track, Deep In Your Mind. There’s something about its hypnotic sound which seems to constantly pull from me slithers of catharsis. It’s compelling. It’s cool. It’s calming. It’s as if the beat is in the same rhythm as the pumping of my heart.

In the way before us
The daily crash
I turned to look at you
And the face I saw
One true love
Was crying
From time to time this night fades out
From time to time this night will end
Deep in your mind, from time to time

It is equal parts a trance, and equal parts an elegant elegy to a human state, to some interior movements, perhaps of love and loveless lust, the dark things which snarl in between emotions and the lack thereof – moving, breaking; sorrow and serenity. When the song ends, relief and clarity.