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I have been blessed with a job that allows me to meet as many people as I could. While the pay may not be glamorous, the opportunities offered and possibilities presented are more than invaluable. Whether it’s a big meeting with management and unit heads, or a simple exchange of pleasantries with the security officers, janitors and maintenance people, I’ve been lucky to talk to people from all sorts of professional backgrounds, age groups, field expertise, and yes, social classes.

I do think the downside of meeting too many people is that you get glimpses into the lives of others, whether you or the person consents to it or not. It’s nice of course. You make connections and begin to develop a network of contacts, whom apart from utilitarian purposes, also provide insight and advice. But sometimes it’s also easy to find yourself flooded by parts of other people – their quirks, their affectations, their lifestyle, their philosophies. “Others seeping into you. Fragments of yourself, altered, taken away, moved, or transformed.”

It can be quite disconcerting when you begin to know yourself less because you’re beginning to know yourself more.