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Read. Read as many books as you can. Read the classics. Read local and foreign authors. Make sure you have a diverse literary intake. Only when you’ve consumed enough of other people’s work – taste their feelings, savour their prose, swallow their heart – will you be able to develop your own style of writing. I would go as far as suggesting you read newspapers, magazines, journals, articles, essays and even blogs. See how different forms of writing are applied in varying contexts. Keep in mind and in heart the intentions of the author.

Be open to the suggestions, and the compelling forces of a written work. But do not allow yourself to simply be swayed. Develop the ability to think critically without becoming too pragmatic. Constantly ask questions but do not let the quest to become better, to polish your skills be tempered by overthinking. Curiosity bereft of emotion will lead to indifference. Feelings without logic will be catastrophic. So read with passion and grace. Read with kindness and with hope. Read with honesty and openness. Most of all, read with love.