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Write for yourself.

The moment you stop writing for yourself and start writing for an audience, you lose the purpose of the art form. Censorship generated by fear, human respect, and insecurity will dull your words, and water the effects of what your heart truly wants to speak.

When you write, do not think of what the critics will say. Rather, allow your words to be illumined by the mind and guided by your heart. This isn’t an excuse to be reckless; to use the power of words to destroy; to succumb to mediocrity and laziness; to write for the sake of. Writing is work. Hence, art work – a product of genuine suffering, considerable thought, and pure emotion.

“In order to write well, one must suffer, suffer!” says Dostoevsky.

If what you have written alters lives, transforms communities, changes the face of the world, it is but incidental. It is the heart and the mind which compels, changes, and revolutionizes; it is feeling with thought which touches and moves. Do not aim to write because you want to be recognized or to be famous. Do not write simply to be remembered. All endeavors at the life of letters aim to battle human forgetfulness. All words are bound to outlive us. Traced in streams of memories, the truest of what we have written will glimmer like gold in the murkiest waters.

Write for yourself – regrets, joys, griefs, elations. Tell your story first and then your story will tell the world about you.