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We now live in a society with a disordered view of freedom, one that promotes doing anything one wants to be happy, regardless of how fleeting that happiness is. We now live in a society that has evaded truth, and if not, has thrown it into the trash bin, in exchange for pursuits at recklessly testing the malleability of human identity. We now live in a society that runs on the currency of emotion, appealing and appeasing feelings, as it has run out of reason and common sense.

In a society so philosophically impoverished, nothing will stop man from pushing the boundaries of the absurd, and normalizing these absurdities to reaffirm the new “me” religion – the kind which sees truth as relative, the kind which insists one can do anything he pleases, the kind which undermines culture by introducing flawed concepts of right and wrong. It is a religion that shall reduce love as a mere feeling we respond to in a whim, rather than the effort to do what is good, even at the cost of one’s own happiness.

The darkness of this age will only become more visible in the coming years, when the effects of our arrogance, our overconfidence in humanity, and our experiments with freedom, truly become felt. By then, we can only hope it is not too late to turn back and recommit ourselves to the mystery of the unchanging truth, as our trysts with the wrong finally backfire. As our so-called progress delivers us to what seems now as an inevitable decay, our present reveries and advocacies, our so-called victories and triumphs, will become more of our failure to understand the meaning of freedom and how it is incorporated in the truth.