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Sometimes you meet someone who stands out so differently from the crowd that you wonder where he has been all along. Cloistered by the familiar and dependent on routine, that someone alters your near-sacred notions of men and puts you off-balance, perhaps even on the edge but thrilled to experience the rush of what is new. And that someone doesn’t even try. He is just who he is.

He is honest and candid, a gentleman who is practical and profound, and so much wiser than my arrogant youth could prevail against. You admire him for his perceptiveness, his common sense, his lack of pretense. You’re impressed by his stories. There’s also a friendliness about him which puts you at ease, allows you to loosen up and express yourself without fear of judgement. It’s a liberating experience. He stirs your thoughts and warms your dull heart with his company.

Sometimes you meet someone you can talk to almost about anything. And it surprises you what you share in common, and reminds you what you know or don’t know about. You are able to gauge where you stand, and recognize there is still so much for a young man to learn. After all, talking is learning too. Sometimes you meet someone you can converse with for hours without noticing how time has passed by, how the people inside the café or restaurant have come and gone. You are engaged in the moment, moving in time without ever noticing the motion. Relativity?

He doesn’t just see you as a body. He sees you as a mind too; despite me having perhaps blabbered too much the sense in my words had been lost. Laughs. But it’s so nice to know, after putting myself under the veils even sheets of illusion, someone who could peer through, uncloak the disadvantages of my youth, and simply take you as a person too: not just some one night tryst, not just for romance. Isn’t that a good thing, a wonderful thing in fact? You are seen as a person with all your defects, affections, sentiments, stories, and rhythms in life. Those nuances and accessories, variations and similarities: brought out and expressed. And you see his too, and everything is woven into perspective.

I must say I’m quite happy writing this today. I’ve never had such a good night as I did. How comforting indeed to know such “someone” exists. Not just some online version of a man. Not just some figment of my imagination but a real person. For only something real can bring a happiness, right?

To fall in love with someone’s thoughts – the most intimate, splendid romance.

― Sanober Khan