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Forget the boy. Forget him. Stop feeling. Start thinking. And while I know at this point it may sound like hell to think because you are not even certain if your thoughts are your own, you have to try. Forget him. Even if by force. Stop mistaking his kindness as affection. Stop thinking the coincidences are fate. Stop imagining things. Stop being a fool. You must muster all the strength in every fiber of your being to accept the truth. You must forget him. You must forget the feeling. But you mustn’t forget to feel.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind. You are weak. But this means you can, and you will, be strong. You ask me, “but how can I forget someone I never possessed, how do I move on from a stranger?” I say forget him the way you’ve always forgotten – mind over matter. Mind over heart. Forward! Even if slowly.

You will forget him. You must. And you can. You have done the same a thousand times. It may seem impossible now, excruciating even, but you must. Fight. Fight! Fight!