I’m sorry if I had bothered you. Or if the things I have done, the things I failed to do, have pushed you away. You aren’t to blame. I remain unskilled as the day I was born. I’m sorry for liking you. I am fighting it already.

Sorry if I had been unkind, cold, or indifferent. It was necessary.

I do not mind if you will find me less tolerable because of my reckless actions. It is natural. Who wouldn’t be scandalized by my words? Who would find me trustworthy with all my secrets?

I am sorry for my words. I am sorry for making a big deal out of my imagination. I’m sorry if I had mistaken your kindness as something else, and thus trivialized friendship. I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. You are free to not pay any attention to me.

One thing I ask, is that you pray for me.

Sorry. I shan’t bother you any longer.