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I’m sorry for everything that I have done. I’m sorry for everything that I failed to do. I’m sorry for having been a self-righteous person. You extended the grace of friendship and I responded with an almost relentless, out-of-context, and over-the-top demolition job of your kindness. I am sorry for unsettling you. I’m sorry for objectifying you. I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry for misconstruing your kindness as romantic interest. I’m sorry for having been overly sensitive. I’m sorry for writing about you in a negative light. I’m sorry for harassing you. I’m sorry for giving you the cold shoulder. I’m sorry for looking for subtext where there was none. I’m sorry if I had been an occasion of sin for you. I’m sorry if I had angered you. I’m sorry for putting you on a pedestal. I’m sorry for obsessing about you. I’m sorry for trying too hard. I’m sorry for being so impulsive. I’m sorry for my desires of getting back at you, which was a baseless reaction on a terrible misinterpretation.

I am really, truly sorry. In a world where everyone tells you not be sorry for who you are because mistakes are part of being human, I choose to humbly admit my many failures, countless misconducts, and numerous faults against you because I had taken what was not mine, and in the process, perhaps spoiled yours. Given what good you’ve done to my life, I would like to once and for all take this opportunity to apologize for whatever hurt I have caused you. I am really sorry.