This is not a ramen blog.

In fact, I don’t think one can call this a blog at all. Aren’t blogs supposed to be about the latest news, or fashion finds; good housekeeping tips or political commentary; travel photography or sex jaunts? Well, there might be one of any in here, sprinkled in between the more obscure posts. But certainly, this place will lack a sufficient amount of specificity – intended in most cases – to carve a niche in a niche-laden cyber realm.

What I intend this to be is a cheap stab at immortality. I pray whatever I post here would outlive me, and people’s memory of me. Isn’t it that they say the Internet never forgets? So let me have my claim of eternity – or at the least the semblance of it – writing about my life: its dullness, its victories, its repercussions, its failures; thoughts on my loves, my yearnings, my furies. The private life deliberately publicized (or html-ized). After all, there is no greater narcotic than the narcissism from writing.

So if you ask me what this blog is about, then yes, it will be the classic, online journal, with just the right number of tagged posts and search-engine optimized words to garner a decent following of friends and friends of friends who are willing to consume me, condiment me, console me. Sounds cannibalistic and religious, but I hope I will not come off as such (although I cannot guarantee that). What is life if not a shared experience anyway?

Expect some of my old works to be shared here as well. I’m keeping my older journal alive, but it will be limited to some silly poetry, nice pictures, and favorite songs. The longer efforts will most likely be here.

Word of caution: some days I write badly. The rest of those some days, I will still right badly. I am anything but a writer. I do not live the life of letters. If I ever scratch the surface of being literary, then be worried by your standards. I don’t have any. At the end of the day, I will not waste energy to speculate on how and why people respond to what I write. My only responsibility is to myself. I owe everyone at least that explanation.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Interesting.

  2. I am a random stranger, an insignificant passerby. You write well and with sincerity. I have enjoyed your writing.

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